At Registration: Each bidder agrees to terms/conditions of sale. Do not bid unless you agree to be bound by these terms.

PAYMENT: Full payment each sale  day by CASH or CREDIT CARD ONLY.  No purchases will be removed until  paid in full.  Under no circumstances may a cancellation, reversal or  stop payment be placed on a credit card purchase.

Prospective  bidders must present a valid driver’s license or acceptable photo I.D.  in order to obtain a bidder card.  Additionally, all bidders may/will be  photographed with their bidder number after it has been issued, at the  discretion of the Auctioneer.

All  items in the sale are being sold, “as is, where is” without warranties  or guarantees and with all faults.  Bidders should satisfy themselves as  to the usefulness and value of each item.  Any statement made by the  Auctioneer or Seller regarding the items to be sold should be considered  a guide and guide ONLY.  Any error in description does not relieve the  buyer or his agent of their responsibilities.  Any dispute among bidders  will be settled by the Auctioneer at his sole discretion, and his  decision and remedy will be deemed final.

The  direction and order of the auction will be at the sole discretion of  the Auctioneer.  Any deletion or additions to the sale will be announced  by the Auctioneer either before or during the sale.  Announcements sale  day supersede any and all previously released information including all  oral, internet or printed material, regardless of the medium.

Any  adjustments in count must be brought to the attention of the auction  staff and settled on sale day and any discrepancies on the final invoice  must be brought to the attention of Auctioneer Aaron Brewer within 24  hours of the end of the auction.

This sale is being conducted in accordance with applicable state and local laws and the Uniform Commercial Code.

The  buyer assumes and does agree to indemnify and hold harmless the  Auctioneer and Seller(s) from any current or future claim which shall  pertain to the fitness, use, damage, safety, injuries to persons or  property that may have been caused by or during removal or use of items  purchased, or any other claim regarding the use of the assets as  purchased.

REMOVAL:  Buyer assumes full responsibility for lots successfully bid on.  Buyers  assume all responsibility for removal, transportation and handling of  purchases.  Brewer Auctions will not be responsible for items that are  not removed within the time period allowed.  Any item not removed on  time will be deemed abandoned and the purchaser will receive no refund.   Purchaser accepts full responsibility for all costs incurred by Brewer  Auctions for removal, and/or disposal of abandoned merchandise.  NEITHER  BREWER AUCTIONS nor SELLER assumes responsibility for item(s) after  Auctioneer declares the item(s) SOLD.  Removal times will be announced  the day of the auction.


Real Estate Auctions are conducted through Mountain Vista Real Estate, LLC, 288 North Broadway Avenue, Booneville, AR 72927.  The principal broker at Mountain Vista Real Estate is Aaron L. Brewer (PB00074379).  Your auctioneer is Aaron L. Brewer (AALB 2422)

At Registration: Each bidder agrees to terms and conditions of sale.  Do not bid unless you agree to be bound by these terms.  Property is to be sold AS IS/WHERE IS with faults and without express or implied warranties of any kind.  Buyer is responsible to perform all inspections prior to auction with professionals of their choosing.   Buyer must pay a 10% Non-Refundable Deposit/Buyers Premium at the conclusion of bidding.  Buyer must also execute the sales contract and property disclosure (if available) which will be posted prior to the auction.  The purchase price along with all closing costs will be due in approximately 30-45 days. Buyer to pay all closing costs including the 10% buyer’s premium, title insurance, revenue stamps, closing fees, survey (if needed), filing costs, and any other fees.  Seller will cure any title problems, if necessary.  Taxes will be pro-rated to date of closing.  Auctions are conducted subject to Court, Bank, or Seller approval.  Possession will be upon closing with filing of deed.  Property is sold with no contingencies; buyer should conduct all inspections required by lender, prior to auction.  If a lender is being used, buyer should be pre-qualified and bring a letter from the lending institution stating that they are pre-qualified.   All information given orally or in writing was derived from sources believed to be correct. This information is not guaranteed. Buyers shall rely entirely on their own information, judgment and inspection of the property and records.

Brokers/Agents - MUST pre-register via email 48hrs prior to auction at
                    Please include buyer’s name, address & agent information.  NO EXCEPTIONS